DIYer’s Must Have

As my first blog entry, I’d like to begin by saying I’m not an expert in any one particular area. I have, however, been called a “Jack of all Trades”.  Trying new things and working through processes to discover easier more efficient ways of doing things are what I thrive on.

The one product that incentivized me to start this blog is the Flir One infrared camera.  A must have for the DIYer, technology addict, or just plain curious.

Very  rarely do you come across a tool that can benefit multiple areas of your life.  This is one!  I rank the usefulness of this device right up there with duct tape.

Infrared is the measurement of temperatures. A camera basically takes a snapshot (or movie) of temperature ranges on a surface. There are many nuances to this technology, but a basic simple knowledge is enough to have some fun and take advantage of the multiple uses of this device.  The image on the left (below) is an infrared image of my dog after a surgery.  The white areas are the warmest, then red tones, then blue.  The red area on her back is where she was shaved for the incision (thus showing her warm body).    The image on the right is an interior wall taken in summer with the air  conditioning on.  The dark (cool) rectangle in the middle is my air vent.  The edit mode will allow you to pinpoint an area and display the temperature at that specific point.  Here I am showing the temperature coming out of my air vent with the a/c blowing (note: the measurement is not the air but the surface temperature of the vent which I’m assuming closely reflects the air temperature).  A future blog will discuss how to use this information.

image     image

History and Background
My brother-in-law is in the infrared business. His company helps corporations (like oil refineries and chemical plants) monitor their equipment for ‘hot and cold spots” to quickly locate and monitor both maintenance and production problems in real time. His company’s high resolution and high temperature cameras can cost over $50,000! His company’s cameras and training were procured through the leader in the industry – FLIR Systems, Inc. So if you need a pro, see

This infrared technology really intrigues me and the uses are many (I’ll cover some in later blogs).

Flir has many products but recently introduced a “home” model of the infrared camera called the “Flir One”. This product REALLY excites me. In my next blog, I will discuss how it can be used to save money, protect on real estate purchases, and help keep you healthy. Stay tuned…